KISS’ bassist and co-lead singer, Gene Simmons, posted a video on his Twitter account and shared details about their upcoming show in a magical place on New Year’s Eve which will also be broadcasted live.

As you probably know, Gene Simmons is quite active on social media, and he often uses his Twitter account to announce his upcoming projects, inform KISS fans about the bands latest shows, express his views on social or political matters, and discuss rock music and musicians.

However lately, he has been mainly using his Twitter account to share the details of their upcoming show. Gene Simmons had informed KISS fans that the iconic band will be performing on News Year’s Eve at the luxurious Atlantis resort of Dubai. He had posted another tweet after that in which he thanked the amazing Atlantis resort staff for going beyond what they had expected.

As there is only one day left for their glamorous concert, Gene shared a video in which he revealed the setlist of their upcoming concert and gave details about their rehearsals. He said that they have been rehearsing all day, until 11:30 p.m. but that he still needs to do some work because he has come up with a plan. Simmons said that he has now planned all of the sets and where the bases will go.

It is clear that even though this process is tiring, he feels really excited to go on stage during such a challenging time in which live performances are suspended. He added that these have been long days and that he has been missing his wife. You can check out the setlist that Gene Simmons was talking about below, and get ready to bang your head on New Year’s Eve.

Here’s what Gene Simmons said in the video:

“11:30 at night and we just finished rehearsing. I’ve gotta stick around longer because I went upstairs and I’ve got a plan. The set, where to do bases and everything. These are long days and I miss my beautiful wifey.”

Here’s the setlist of the upcoming KISS show:

“Detroit Rock City
Shout It Out Loud
Say Yeah
Heaven’s on Fire
Tears Are Falling
War Machine
Lick It Up
Dr. Love
100,000 Years
Cold Gin
God of Thunder
Psycho Circus
Love Gun
I Was Made for Lovin’ You
Black Diamond
Do You Love Me
Rock And Roll All Nite”

Here’s what Gene Simmons said in his tweet:

“More Dubai preparation…”

You can check out the video that Gene Simmons posted on his Twitter account below.