The co-lead vocalist and bass guitarist of KISS, Gene Simmons, has come up with an explanation clarifying his political views and indicating the fact that extremes on both left and right are heinous and harmful for the United States.

As you might know, the political standpoint of the legendary bassist has been long an object of curiosity. While some of his fans know Simmons by his conservative thoughts, a major part of them argue that he supports Joe Biden and the Democratic Party based on his recent tweets about the new president.

Lately, Gene Simmons has taken Twitter to explain that he’s an avowed democratic capitalist as well as social liberal/equal rights and fiscal/foreign policy conservative. In other words, he said, he belongs to the American Party.

Here is what Gene Simmons said:

“I thought I’d take a minute to explain me…I’m an avowed democratic capitalist…In my view, extremes on both left & right are heinous and harm America…

I’m a social liberal/equal rights & fiscal/foreign policy conservative…In other words…I belong to the American Party.”

You can check out the tweet below.

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