Gene Simmons, the bassist and co-lead singers of KISS, shared a post on his official Twitter page, a 5-minute video of a woman swallowed by a manhole after a motorcycle crash, she is safely rescued after being stuck in that hole for minutes. He commented on the shocking incident, saying it is God’s work.

Gene Simmons, besides the announcements of KISS, sweet videos of cats and dogs, political issues, often uses his official Twitter page to share the news he finds interesting to watch. Fans love seeing his comments about the news since they are mostly hilarious and on point.

This time, Simmons approached news spiritually. He shared a video that shows the exact moment when a woman on a motorcycle is hit by a car and is thrown, falling into the sewer gallery. In the end, people managed to pull the poor woman out of the sewer. Simmons referred to this incident, that woman being safe after what she had been through, like this:

“God works in mysterious ways…”

Fans also commented about the post and while most of them found the occurrence miraculous and praised to God and his, according to a fan, ‘Package of Miracles’, some others claimed that the incident has nothing to do with God. Simmons started a discussion under his post without even wanting, he sure has an influence on people.

You can see the Twitter post below.