KISS’ iconic bassist and co-lead singer, Gene Simmons, posted a tweet on his Twitter account and expressed his anger towards a man in a position of power, who talked nonsense about the coronavirus pandemic which has brought the world to its knees.

Gene Simmons is quite active on his social media accounts and he often uses his Twitter account to express his views on various matters. This is one of the reasons why he often makes the headlines of rock-world news, aside from his success as a musician.

If you have been following Simmons on social media for the past year, you may have seen his tweets about COVID-19. Simmons is well aware of the risks of the pandemic and has often used his Twitter account to express his concerns, raise awareness, and warn his followers who don’t believe in the existence of the virus.

He has often expressed his anger towards people who take the virus lightly which is exactly what happened again. As you may have heard, Bart Spencer, a senior pastor of Lighthouse Baptist Church, recently advised his congregation to get COVID-19 and ‘get it over with.’

Spencer suggested that a lot of people have gotten the virus and most of them have survived it with ‘mild’ symptoms, thus, it is a good idea to get it once and then continue your life normally. This was quickly proven wrong because 2.5 percent of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Michigan have been fatal.

The sermon in which Spencer advised his congregation to get the virus was videotaped and available on the church’s website. After the news became public, Spencer was criticized by citizens and politicians for encouraging people to wave off government restrictions and risk their lives.

Gene Simmons, who is well-aware of the risks and the severity of the pandemic, shared the news with his Twitter followers and called Bart Spencer an idiot for telling his congregation to get the virus.

Simmons’ tweet was liked and commented on by hundreds of people, the majority of them supporting Gene Simmons’ statement. One of his followers even coined a word which they found appropriate for the pastor, which was surely enjoyed by Gene Simmons.

Here’s what Gene Simmons stated about the pastor:

Idiot! Michigan pastor under fire for telling the congregation to get COVID-19.”

Here’s what a follower commented under Simmons’ tweet:

“He’s a COVIDiot!”

You can check out Simmons’ tweet below.