Today, KISS bassist Gene Simmons’ mother Flóra “Florence” Klein dies at 92. Gene Simmons has shared her photos on Instagram and wrote just a one word:

“The best mother in the world”.

Here’s the his Instagram post:

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The best mother in the world

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Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante mourns Flora and said:

“R.I.P. Flora -My thoughts and prayers to @genesimmons . I have always seen your mom throughout the years in photos and videos.

I could see how much she meant to you. I grew up without my Dad , I can relate…our moms shaped the person we have become. Thank you to all the moms”

Back in June 2018, Gene talked with Stuff and said that “my 92-year-old mother, Flora Klein, is my hero”. He continued:

“She was sent to a Nazi concentration camp at the age of 14 and survived, but all the members of her family were wiped out – she saw her mother walk into a gas chamber.

Despite the tragedy, she is a positive person who sees the goodness in people’s hearts. I wouldn’t be that forgiving if I had lived her life.

She raised me as a single mother in Israel – I was an only child. My father [Feri Witz] abandoned us when I was six. Mom had relatives living in America and so we relocated there for a better life when I was eight.”

Also KISS frontman Paul Stanley has shared:

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