The co-founder and bassist of KISS Gene Simmons recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and responded to a famous American actress who claimed that no one is talking about election fraud and that she is not even allowed to utter those words.

As you know, Gene Simmons is highly active on his social media accounts and he often enjoys using his Twitter account to express his views on social or political matters, to announce his latest projects, discuss music, and of course, warn his followers about the ongoing pandemic.

There have been multiple times that Gene Simmons was told to ‘stick to music‘ and to stop voicing his opinions on politics. However, Simmons has never seized to express his stance on important matters such as the presidential election, the storming of the Capitol, and the ‘election fraud debate.

Recently, Gene Simmons posted an article about how CEO Mike Lindell was caught on camera ranting about election fraud. Famous actress and model, Alana Stewart, responded to his tweet by saying that ‘someone needs to bring up election fraud’ while saying that everyone is trying to sweep it under the carpet and that it has come to a point where people are not even allowed to talk about it.

To this, Simmons responded by saying that all the necessary legal actions were taken by Former President Donald Trump and that the case was filed to not only the Supreme Court but to sixty state/local courts. Each case was dismissed even by the judges that were nominated by Trump. Upon that, he asked her whether she understood that everything pointed to the fact that there was no election fraud.

Here’s what Alana Stewart said in her recent tweet as a response to Gene Simmons:

“Someone needs to bring up election fraud. It seems like everyone wants to sweep it under the carpet. No one is even allowed to utter the words election fraud’ and sadly free speech is being trampled on by the media and big tech.”

To which Paul Stanley responded:

“Alana, please note: Former Pres. had his legal teams & supporters file with the Supreme Court, as well as sixty (60!) state/local courts. Every single one dismissed his claim. Without exception. Even the conservative Supreme Court. And many Judges were Trump nominated. Got it?”

You can check out both tweets below.