KISS’ bassist and co-lead singer, Gene Simmons, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and responded to a follower’s tweet in which they told Simmons off for vocalizing his opinion on an important matter.

As you probably know, Gene Simmons is one of the most active presences on social media and he often uses his Twitter account to announce KISS’ upcoming projects and shows, share his views on important social and political matters, and of course, warn his followers about the ongoing pandemic.

However, the fact that he’s so vocal on Twitter has led to a lot of criticism, and some fans have gone as far as to suggest that he sticks to music. He had made it to our headlines with his responses to such comments, as he said that he has the freedom to say whatever he wants and that it’s up to the Twitter users to follow him or not.

In his recent tweet, Simmons shared the news about Dr. Drew Pinsky being the next victim of the dangerous COVID-19. As you may remember, Dr. Drew had called the pandemic a ‘press induced panic.’ However, after testing positive himself, he actually opened up about his experience with the virus and apologized for downplaying its severity.

Gene Simmons posted a news article considering Dr. Drew and tried to warn his fans about the serious repercussions of getting COVID-19. His tweet was appreciated by most of his followers, but some told him that he should stay away from social matters like this and focus on his music. To this, Gene Simmons replied with a simple ‘mind your own business.’

Here’s Gene Simmons’ first tweet:

“Dr. Drew reveals COVID-19 diagnosis months after apologizing for downplaying coronavirus

To which a user replied:


Which apparently angered Gene Simmons who said:

“Mind your own business!”

You can check out Gene Simmons’ tweets below.