During a recent interview with KTLA 5, KISS co-founder and bassist, Gene Simmons, talked about moving out from his gorgeous Beverly Hills mansion and said that it’s both a sad and happy time for them as theyre moving on to the ‘next phase’ of their lives.

As you may recall, in October 2020 Gene Simmons had announced that he has put his two-acre mansion in Beverly Hills on the market for $22 million. Although the mansion attracted a lot of attention both because it’s gorgeous and because it’s like a mini-KISS museum, it was never sold.

Thus, the Simmons family decided to do some renovations and put the house back on the market. After the renovations which cost quite a lot, the mansion was once again put up for sale at the price of $25 million. Although it hasn’t been sold yet, in his recent interview Gene Simmons said that they’re still going to move.

Simmons described this process as both heartbreaking and happy. He said that the mansion is filled with memories, as it’s the place where they raised their kids and had the best time of their lives. However, he believes that it’s time to move on to ‘the next phase’ and go to Lake Tahoe in Nevada.

He said that although it hurts him and Shannon to move out of their home, it makes them happy to think that there won’t be any more ‘tour buses at the front door‘ or ‘Hollywood star maps’ everywhere and that they’ll finally be able to live by themselves undisturbed in their secluded private place.

Here’s what Gene Simmons said in the interview (transcribed by MHZ):

“We’ve loved this house and we’ve loved L.A. for so long… We raised our two kids, who’ve now moved on and bought their own homes in the Hollywood Hills, it’s time for Shannon and I to move out of L.A. and California. So, we’re moving to Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

In the meantime, it’s a sad but also a happy time. It’s sad because we raised our kids in this gorgeous home, but it’s also a happy time because it’s the next phase. So, no more tour buses at the front door, no more Hollywood star maps.”

Click here to watch the whole interview and you can see the inside of his gorgeous Beverly Hils mansion below.