Gene Simmons, the legendary bassist and co-lead vocalist of KISS, has supported the Latino advocates about the case of Marcelino Serna, who was a WWI hero deprived of the Medal of Honor because of racism and xenophobia.

Simmons has taken Twitter to remark a highly important issue related to the ongoing discrimination and oppression of racism. Shared the news about a war hero Marcelino Serna, who faced these problems posthumously, Gene said what was done to him is shameful and we must fix this wrong.

In the NBC news, Simmons referred, it was stated that racism deprived Latino WWI hero Marcelino Serna of the Medal of Honor. The advocates launched the latest effort to persuade the federal government to posthumously award Serna the medal, the nation’s highest honor for battlefield heroics.

World War I soldier from Texas, Marcelino Serna fought between April 6, 1917, and Nov. 11, 1918, despite being a Mexican immigrant and noncitizen. It was also found out after the researches of the historians that Serna singlehandedly charged and captured 24 German soldiers.

Here is what Gene Simmons said in his recent tweet about the case of the war hero:

“Shameful! We must right this wrong. Now!!! Respect All Vets!!!… Racism deprived Latino WWI hero Marcelino Serna of the Medal of Honor. He deserves it, advocates say.”

You can see the tweet below.