KISS’ legend Gene Simmons took his Twitter account once again to prove his knowledge of U.S. history and asserted the fans had to accept the truth even if they didn’t like it.

As you might remember, KISS‘ co-founder and bassist Gene Simmons involved in a discussion with fans after he shared a news article depicting the story of how a man in California helped out a little girl who lost her entire collection of baseball cards. Gene referred to America as the greatest country in the world.

As a reaction to Gene’s tweet, a fan initiated a discussion about Simmons’ usage of the word ‘America.’ The fan reminded Simmons that America was a large continent and the United States was only one of the countries in it.

Gene responded to his fan claiming Amerigo Vespucci was the possible source of the word ‘America’ and the land in the southern part of the continent was called ‘South America.’

However, Simmons’ response did not satisfy many of his fans and the discussion continued with further reactions of his followers on Twitter. Most of them suggested that the word ‘America’ actually referred to the whole continent not only to the United States.

The KISS icon posted another tweet to end the discussion once and for all. In his tweet, Gene stated that even though all the information that his fans shared might have been true; when someone used the word ‘America,’ it referred solely to the USA since it was commonly known as such.

Here’s how Gene Simmons ended the discussion:

“All of this may be true. But there is something called ‘Commonly Known.’ It simply means, anywhere you go and say ‘America,’ it refers only to the USA. Whether we like it, or not.”

You can see the tweet Gene Simmons posted on his Twitter account below.