KISS’s co-founder and bassist Gene Simmons recently responded to a user’s tweet through his Twitter account and told them off by stating a little-known fact and saying that they need to get informed as it looks like theyappear smarterthan they actually are.

As you probably know, Gene Simmons is an active user of social media, and not a day goes by without him making it to our headlines with an interesting statement. Simmons has been one of the rockstars who have been trying to raise awareness considering the dangers of the ongoing pandemic, and just yesterday he shared his views on Trump’s statement in relation to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Being so outspoken on social media, also means that he gets a lot of comments from users who sometimes agree and sometimes disagree with him. Recently, a user told Simmons that he’s exaggerating the severity of the virus as from personal experience, they have been around people who have had COVID-19 even though they wear masks and that nothing has ever happened to them. The user went on to say that they would probably not even know about the virus if it weren’t for the people acting like ‘the world is ending.’

To this, Simmons responded by saying that 550,000 people have died in the United States due to COVID-19. In order to explain how high that number is, Gene said that it is almost twice the number of Americans who passed away during World War II. He advised the Twitter user to get informed and do a little research before offering their views because apparently ‘you may appear smarter than you actually are.’

Here’s what a user said to Gene Simmons:

“That’s funny. Most people I am around daily have had covid. They say that a cold is worse. They wear masks 24/7. I don’t. Haven’t had it. I wouldn’t even know about it if it weren’t for all the people on social media scared the world is ending.”

To which Gene Simmons responded:

“550,000 (half a million) dead Americans due to Covid. Almost TWICE as many Americans passed from Covid in one year (!) than all American soldiers who passed away during WWII… Chico, you need to get informed. You may appear smarter than you actually are.”

You can check out Gene Simmons’s tweet below.