The bassist, co-founder, and co-lead singer of the iconic band KISS, Gene Simmons shared an emotional farewell message on his official Twitter page, expressing his emotions after his friend, tv personality, and game show host Alex Trebek, who unfortunately passed away recently. 

Alex Trebek was a Canadian-American television personality and game show host, who recently was the host of the game show titled ‘Jeopardy!’ for 36 years. Trebek also hosted other numerous shows including, ‘The Wizards of Odds,’ ‘Duble Dare,’ and ‘To Tell the Truth,’ along with a number of appearances in other tv series.

Trebek passed away at his home in Los Angeles on November 8, at the age of 80, after more than 18 months of fighting pancreatic cancer. Since he was a beloved person among the tv show personalities and fans, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Pat Sajak, and Ken Jennings were among those who paid tribute after his death.

As you may remember, Gene Simmons joined an episode of ‘Jeopardy!’ in which he transformed Alex Trebek into a KISS member for Halloween nearly a year ago. The two seemed to have the best time in their life during the episode and it was also so much fun for their fans to watch.

Gene Simmons recently shared a farewell post on his official Twitter page after Alex Trebek’s heartbreaking death and opened up about his emotions after the tragic incident. Simmons stated that Trebek will be missed while praising him and referring to him as a wonderful, kind soul. Simmons also shared the old video clip of the two from the episode of ‘Jeopardy!’

Here is what Simmons said:

Alex Trebek, Rest In Peace. A wonderful, kind soul. You will be missed.”

You can see the Twitter post right below.