KISS bassist Gene Simmons shared a post on his official Twitter page asking for his fans to pray for Mountain guitarist and co-lead vocalist Leslie West after his brother’s post on Facebook which revealed the current health status of West.

As many of you may know, Leslie West has been living with diabetes for quite a while and had his lower right leg amputated about 10 years ago in a life-saving operation related to his diabetes.

Since the devastating news revealed over a decade ago, there has not been a new update about his health and diabetes up until now. In a music forum, a fan revealed that Leslie West’s brother Larry West Weinstein shared a post on his official Facebook page that Leslie’s heart gave out and he’s on a ventilator.

While Leslie West’s health does not seem to be in a good condition, his brother revealed that his wife, Jenni is by his side just like when she was when the amputation happened.

Here is what West’s brother said:

“I am asking for all your prayers. Jenni, Leslie’s wife, is by his side in Florida but it’s not looking good. Thanks, Jenni, he wouldn’t have made it this far without you. His heart gave out and he’s on a ventilator. May not make it through the night.”

Gene Simmons shared that statement on his official Twitter page and asked for his fans to pray for Leslie West as he struggles to stay alive. In addition to showing his affection for West, Simmons also referred to him as ‘the great Leslie West’ which revealed his admiration for the guitarist.

Here is what Gene Simmons stated about Leslie West:

The great Leslie West!!! Our prayers are with you …”

You can see the Twitter post below.