KISS’ bassist Gene Simmons recently shared a post on his official Twitter account when a fan asked him his favorite soul albums. The rocker named his favorite soul musicians instead, saying he loves Jackie Wilson, Ray Charles, and James Brown.

As one of the founders of KISS, Gene Simmons has impacted the music industry with his songs, stage performances, and make-up since 1973. Besides inspiring many musicians, Simmons always talks about the artists he finds successful and influential in various interviews.

For instance, during an interview in 2015, Simmons shared his opinions about Rolling Stone’s ‘Their Satanic Majesties Request,’ saying it was an underrated album. Simmons said that this work was out of Rolling Stone’s comfort zone, and he found it ‘interesting.’

In a recent tweet Simmons posted, he answered the question of a Twitter user about his favorite soul albums. The musician didn’t name any album but said he loves Jackie Wilson, Ray Charles, and the early works of James Brown.

Simmons said in his tweet that:

“Love Jackie Wilson, Ray Charles, early James Brown.”

You can see the tweet below.