KISS’ Gene Simmons has revealed a 2019 photo of Taylor Swift with ‘The Spaceman’ makeup on his Twitter. Following that, he said he thought she looked very cool.

The members of KISS are known for their extravagant makeup, costumes, and stage shows. During their career, the band members also created their own stage looks by impersonating comic book-style characters. As you know, Paul Stanley is the Starchild, Gene Simmons is the Demon, Ace Frehley was the Spaceman, and Peter Criss was the Catman.

In 2009, Taylor Swift pranked Keith Urban during one of his performances by going there with complete KISS attire, from their makeup to their costumes and guitars. Moreover, her look was so convincing that people didn’t realize she was Taylor until she started singing. Keith Urban was also quite confused initially because he had to look twice at Taylor when she showed up on stage.

Recently, Gene Simmons recalled this incident and posted a photo of Taylor Swift’s ‘The Spaceman’ makeup. He then stated how cool it is for her to look like this. Following that, the rockstar’s fans said that Taylor Swift should start making rock and metal music from now on because if she likes KISS even as a pop star, she has a good taste in music.

Here is what Gene Simmons tweeted about Taylor Swift:

“Taylor Swift…Yes. It’s Taylor…How cool is that?”

You can see Gene Simmons’ tweet and the video of Taylor Swift pranking Keith Urban below.