In an interview for Larry King Youtube channel, KISS icon Gene Simmons talked about the current state of rock music and recalled how Radiohead failed while trying a never-done-before method concerning digital streaming.

As you may recall, back in 2007, the English rock band Radiohead released their seventh studio album titled ‘In Rainbows.’ Radiohead tried a rarely-done method by releasing their album on their own exclusively through their website. The band allowed their fans to download the album at any price they liked, even for free.

Recently, the co-founder and bassist of KISS, Gene Simmons joined an interview with Dennis Miller for Larry King Youtube channel. During the interview, Gene talked about the current state of rock music by sharing his opinions on the controversial effects of digital streaming services on the future of the music industry.

In his statement, Simmons mentioned the time when Radiohead decided to try the ‘pay what you want‘ strategy and claimed that he knew it was going to fail. Gene asserted that people were told to pay whatever they wanted, they most definitely would choose to pay nothing at all. He also reminded that this method hadn’t been done since because people realized it wasn’t going to work as it was planned.

Here’s what Gene Simmons stated about Radiohead’s failed strategy:

“I’ve said this 10 years ago when streaming and downloading and all that stuff was for free. Radiohead, it bears noting, tried to do a brand new record and said to their fans, ‘Pay whatever you will.’ It’s interesting to note it hasn’t been done since, ’cause it doesn’t work.

If you leave the doors open in a supermarket and say, ‘Pay whatever you want,’ people will just go ahead and pay nothing. But it doesn’t work, because people would rather get stuff for free.”

Furthermore, Simmons asserted that even though there were so many talented musicians out there, they didn’t know the right way to become noticeable and continued:

“My heart goes out to new bands. There’s so much good talent out there that will never get a chance. Right now in the zeitgeist, they think, ‘Okay, music industry. I get on ‘X Factor’ or ‘The Voice’ and I sing, and then I have a career.

They have no idea what it means. The other thing is that record companies simply cannot make money.”

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