KISS co-founder and also the long-time bassist of the band, Gene Simmons, was recently interviewed by The Sun’s Dan Cain and talked about the physical aspect of KISS concerts as well as his secret of still being healthy after almost sixty years of a career.

As you might already know that KISS is a well-known brand with their iconic makeup and costumes they are wearing for years. While KISS began performing without any makeup or costume back in 1983, they did not stop wearing their stage costumes after they’ve reunited with the original lineup back in 1996.

As Gene Simmons claimed that he has never used drugs or booze in his whole life, he also admitted that he did not want to go to the extreme of being a vegan. This way Gene still keeps his perfect form on both stage and his personal life.

Here is what Gene Simmons said:

“By the time you’re done [preparing for the show], you’re carrying more than soldiers in their backpacks. I’ve got to fly through the air, spit blood and sing songs, no tapes, play the instrument live. It’s physically exhausting. It always has been.

I love and respect [Mick] Jagger, and Bono’s great, but put any of those two gentlemen into my outfit; the first half-hour those guys are going to be on the floor.

They won’t physically be able to do that. The physicality of what we do has limitations. If I was Keith in the Stones or the Edge I could wear comfortable sneakers and a T-shirt and standstill.”

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