KISS’ Gene Simmons recently tweeted to express his gratitude for the Beatles icon Ringo Starr, claiming the drummer has changed his life.

The Beatles is the most influential music band of all time, being an inspiration for music acts from almost all genres. Throughout their career, they also helped the development of popular music, contributed to sociocultural movements, and became the leading figures in the music industry.

Among the other artists, The Beatles also significantly influenced Simmons. He watched the Beatles when they first played on The Ed Sullivan Show and thought it was mesmerizing and powerful to watch them perform. Moreover, Simmons admitted that KISS thought they were ‘The Beatles on steroids.’

On July 7, the Beatles’ iconic drummer Ringo Starr celebrated his 82nd birthday. Like many other musicians who drew inspiration from the drummer, Gene Simmons also wanted to wish Starr a happy birthday. So, he took to his Twitter to share a birthday message for Starr and express his feelings for him.

In his recent tweet, Gene Simmons posted a picture of Ringo Starr and wished the drummer a happy 82nd birthday. Simmons thanked Starr for changing his life ‘all those years ago,’ probably recalling the time he was mesmerized by the Beatles’ performance.

Gene Simmons’ tweet read:

“Happy birthday to Ringo ⁦Starr⁩ and heartfelt thanks for changing my life ‘…all those years ago.'”

You can see the tweet below.