Geoff Tate recently appeared on SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk and reflected on whether he is open to reuniting with Queensryche. Tate revealed that he doesn’t expect it to happen because there seems to be nothing left to motivate them.

As the band’s former lead vocalist, Geoff Tate rose to fame with Queensryche, especially during the late ’80s and the early ’90s. He contributed to the band’s thirteen albums, but things didn’t go well after then. In 2012, Queensryche announced firing Tate and replacing him with Todd La Torre.

According to the other band members’ statements, they felt like Geoff Tate had full control over the band as their manager was also his wife, which bothered them at the time. The band decided to fire his wife, the band’s manager, and Tate’s stepdaughter from running the fan club. Tate had a heated debate with his former bandmates upon that. However, he did continue to misbehave, so the band couldn’t find any other option but to fire him.

Geoff Tate filed a lawsuit against the band and claimed that he was illegally fired. He also tried to prevent them from using Queensryche’s name. The two sides finally reached a settlement in 2014. Tate lost the brand Queensryche to his former bandmates, but he would still have the right to play the band’s albums, ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ and ‘Operation: Mindcrime II.’

In the interview, Geoff Tate was asked about any possibility of a reunion with Queensryche. Tate revealed that they were offered a great deal of money to do just one tour, but some band members turned it down. Tate thinks that money should be a big motivation for it, but if they don’t care about it, there is no hope for a reunion. Tate added that they also don’t have an artistic motivation, so they have nothing to make way for them to reunite.

Here are Geoff Tate’s statements on a possible reunion:

“I’m honestly not really expecting that to happen, basically because we’ve been offered just obscene amounts of money to get back together and do one tour — one tour, and we’d never have to tour again. And a couple of people in the band turned it down; they’re not interested in doing it. So that would really be, I think, the only motivation that would get everybody together was an obscene amount of money.

But that didn’t work, so there’s really no hope for it after that, I think… Money is not the motivator, and getting together for an artistic dream isn’t a motivator either, so what do you have? You have nothing. Obviously, both camps are happy in the position they’re in. I know for myself, I love my life — I love what I’m doing, and I love traveling and playing music for people. And so far, I’m still kicking it at 63, still happy and healthy.”

You can listen to the full interview below.