Cannibal Corpse’s singer George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher indicated that working with Dee Snider was a great experience during the interview with Metal Hammer.

Besides the collaborations he made throughout his music career, George Fisher has contributed to the bands like Cannibal Corpse and Monstrosity. On February 25, 2022, his self-titled debut solo album came out. ‘Acid Vat’ and  ‘On Wings of Carnage’ had been released as the singles from the album.

Fisher worked with impactful names like Suicide Silence, Ice Nine Kills, and Heaven Shall Burn in the previous years. Dee Snider was also one of these names he collaborated with.  Snider offered Fisher to sing for the single ‘Time To Choose‘ from his solo album ‘Leave a Scar.’

Snider thought that Fisher’s voice would perfectly fit into this song. According to George, Snider is a great heavy metal singer, as he mentioned in his previous interviews. It was a great experience to work with a singer he sees as a ‘legend.’

When Fisher was asked which one is his favorite among the collaborations he made, he chose Dee Snider in a recent interview. He indicated that it was an unbelievable moment to be on Snider’s record. As he mentioned, he could not believe how Snider asked him to sing for his album. Fisher stated that Snider was one of the greatest heavy metal singers ever.

George Fisher answered in his words when he was asked about his favorite collaboration:

“Working with Dee Snider is probably the one. Jamey Jasta helped produce that record, and I remember sitting there listening to the mix, and he’s like, ‘that’s you, on a Dee Snider record – can you believe this?’ and honestly… People might say I’m a legend, but Dee Snider is a legend. He’s one of the greatest heavy metal singers ever, so for him to ask this idiot from Baltimore to sing on the record… That’s insane.”

You can listen to ‘Time To Choose’ below.