Cannibal Corpse frontman and American death metal vocalist, George Fisher, was the latest interview guest of Mosh Talks this week and talked about the lyrical aspect of the band as well as canceling the band for good.

As you may already remember, American death metal band Cannibal Corpse released their latest ever album named ‘Violence Unimagined’ on April 16, 2021, and it’s the fifteenth studio album of the band. The album features 11 never-released-before tracks and got a 4/5 review score from Kerrang!.

In his latest interview with Mosh Talks, Mosh Beez stated that the band’s songs have helped him purge his anger and Cannibal Corpses got him through tough days he’s having. As an answer, George admitted that he hears that compliment from many of their fans and took a deeper look at it.

Here is what he said:

“Let me say this a little quick because it’s crazy when people say to me how our music got them through things, obviously considering earlier content, but I wish that people that think that our lyrics are basically terrible and trying to corrupt society, and younger kids, I wish they would hear that because as crazy as our lyrics are, they’re not meant to be taken the way that people on the outside may take them.

And if they could just walk with a couple of kids, not give them an attitude, not treat them like they’re less than them… I say kids because I’m a little bastard, but not treat them like they’re less than them, and just generally trying to get inside their heads. And you don’t just pick one person, that’s the most wild-looking person because sometimes that will go against you.”

He continued:

“The wildest looking dude, the loudest guy that’s running his mouth like, ‘I’ll kick your ass’ – he’s gonna shoot. It’s the dude that’s not talking, he looks at you with his eyes and says, ‘Yeah, come at me!’ The same thing with metalhead – sometimes the crazier you look, the more normal you are, and the more normal you look – watch out!

But if they would just pick a bunch of kids and just talk to them, a bunch of people from all different walks of life, ages, everything, and just talk to them about, say, just a band like us who had a lot of controversies – I think they would find out that if we can just get past the insaneness of the lyrics, and not think that there’s an agenda, and see us how we are normally…

Look at my Instagram, see how I am, Then I think they’ll understand. If you look at my Instagram, unbelievably, I just passed 200,000 followers, it’s humbling 200,000 people give a shit about this asshole from Baltimore, and obviously, the band I’m in too. But just for my personal sake, my Instagram means a lot to me.”

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