A Twitter user shared a story of how The Beatles icon George Harrison committed forgery during an interview and revealed the reason why he was able to fake all the signatures of his bandmates.

Recently a Twitter user named Daniel Holland posted the photo of a column written by English writer and journalist Stuart Maconie and claimed it was the best story about forgery including George Harrison.

According to the story Maconie revealed, the late Beatles legend George Harrison committed forgery during an interview that his friend Mark Ellen conducted years before Harrison’s death. As it was stated in the column, when they completed the interview, Mark kindly asked George for a signature on his vinyl copy of ‘Revolver.’

However, he was shocked by the response of Harrison asking whether he would like to have all the signatures of The Beatles members. Apparently, George was able to fake the signatures of his bandmates and he also revealed that they all become experts on faking each others’ signatures since they had to do it constantly ‘at the height of Beatlemania.’

Here’s George Harrison’s story about forgery:

“I never met George Harrison. But I hope you and my friend, the music writer Mark Ellen, will forgive me if I repeat a story that happened to him with ‘the Quiet One.’

Mark had gone to interview George and had taken along his treasured vinyl copy of Revolver in the hope of getting an autograph. At the end of the interview, he proffered the album with a polite request for a signature.

‘Yes, sure,’ said George. ‘Do you want them all?‘ George explained that at the height of Beatlemania, each Fab had become adept at the others’ signatures for reasons of practicality and speed.

And with that, Mark ended up with a copy of Revolver signed by all four Beatles, or rather, three of them forged by George Harrison, which is possibly even better, don’t you think? “

You can see the tweet about George Harrison posted by Daniel Holland on Twitter below.

Photo Credit: Daniel Holland – Twitter