Former United States President, George W. Bush’s beloved daughter Jenna Bush was the recent guest of the Carson Daly’s The Today Show.

Jenna revealed a never-before-told story: Geroge W. Bush breaking her Nirvana CD when she was kid.

Here is what Jenna said:

“My dad was always so good about letting us listen to the music we wanted to. There was a really bad song on it, which I’ll tell you during the commercial, but my dad heard it. And my dad heard me playing it on my little Discman or whatever CD player.”

Carson Daly:

“Future leader of the free world listening to you listen to that. That’s terrifying.”

Jenna responded:

“He broke the CD over his leg. He never was mad like that. But this particular song really encourages, you know, I mean to hear your little daughter listen to it, you know what I’m thinking of.”

You can watch the show below:

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