Famous German thrash metal band, Destruction’s guitarist Schmier shared a recent message on his verified Facebook page and hammered Mötley Crüe really harshly after they announced the official return.

As you can check out his post below, Schmier stated that Crüe is fake retiring over and over again to get fans’ attention.

Later on, Schmier decided to delete this post.

Here is what he wrote on his Facebook page:

“So the next ‘farewell-tour’ band is coming back to fool their poor fans again… I am disgusted by such greed and fraud.

If you charge a fortune and do a big drama farewell tour go F*CKING RETIRE FOR REAL!!! But it became a business idea meanwhile to fool the people that pay your rent …sad, sad, sad!”

He added:

“What do you think? Are you more happy that your faves continue even if they suck live nowadays? Or do you feel fooled? I am clearly no2 Hahaha!!!”

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