Heavy metal band Ghost canceled their Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance at the last minute. The band shared a statement on their Facebook account and said that they were too busy with touring.

Formed in 2006, Ghost built a reputation as a doom metal band with their interesting stage costumes, makeup, and dark sounds. They released their first album in 2010 and created three new albums after that. They recently announced that their fifth album will be released on March 2022, which features the newly released single, ‘Call Me Little Sunshine.’

The band planned a tour starting from January, which will last until March 2022, co-headlining with Volbeat and Twin Temple. Hence, they must have gotten very busy with the tour’s launch recently as they canceled their Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance. They published the announcement on their Facebook account addressing the issue, explaining the reason to their fans.

Fortunately, the Jimmy Kimmel team offered them to come back later, which points out that there aren’t any hard feelings between the two managements. Even though the cancellation was disappointing, the band seems excited to rock with fans on stage soon.

Here is the announcement:

“Children of the World! More specifically, those of you who had just started to prep your couches up for tonights’ Jimmy Kimmel Live show. Well, it turned out that we had a bit too much going on in Reno, getting all our shit together for the tour. However, our good friends at Kimmel offered us to come back and play the show at a later date during our now imminent US tour. So, cool your jets for today but get ready to rock with us over the coming weeks. Are you ready?

A Nameless Ghoul”

While you wait for their Jimmy Kimmel appearance, you can listen to their latest single below.