During in a recent interview with 98 KUPD radio, Ghost frontman Tobias Forge said that he has a list of disappointments. He also said that

On what thinks about not being ‘a successful band’, he said:

“Since I remember still very clearly what it was like not being popular, or in a successful band, I know that things go up and down and you cannot expect this to be on the same trajectory forever. It won’t be. Because even if you get to be the biggest band in the world, it’s gonna change.

Every band. Even the biggest bands — and I hate to break the magic — but even the band that sold out 90,000 tickets in your football stadium, they might come back two years later and do an arena. It still feels huge, but there’s a difference — there’s a big difference. And there’s a big difference playing a 30,000-seat stadium and a 90,000.

So, even at the top, you have to be very prepared to go up and down. And we’re not even there. So I just wanna take it as far as I can.”

On his list of disappointments, he said:

“My list of disappointments, production-wise, is still there. I’m still now preparing to do a lot of the things that I had on the list, basically, since 2008. So I wanna achieve all those things and try to do it while we’re still on a roll.

Because someday, there’s gonna be some other band who’s come in and sort of [taken] our place, and then people will shift and they’ll be interested in something else. And if I play all the cards right, maybe there is a chance we can go back later. There’s so many examples of bands that have done that. And that’s how it works.”

You can watch the entire interview from below. Click here to source of the statement (Blabbermouth).