In the recent interview with Loudwire, Ghost frontman Tobias Forge has remembered the time when he first time met with one of the his teachers who definitely had an aversion.

In that conversation, Tobias descriped himself as “a fully-fledged sort of Satanist”. Here’s the statement:

“Not so much herm actually. In my middle school, I also had a very strict bitch of a teacher who definitely had an aversion for me. But she met me when I was already a fully-fledged sort of Satanist.

I was very, very stuck-up – we were at odds for real. And she was also turning other teachers against me, I know that as a for a fact because – long story short, 20 years later, I had my kids in the same school for a few years and there was still one teacher there from that time and he told me that that was the case.

She sort of – what I already suspected when I was in eighth and ninth grade – she was walking around with the other teachers and basically telling them about how I was this and that – a Satanist asshole.

I can definitely laugh now looking back at what feels like a completely different life – so long ago, so far away. I applaud that 14-year-old that told her to go fuck herself.”

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