Ghost frontman Tobias Forge spoke in an interview with SiriusXm, and revealed how Metallica and Iron Maiden supported his band.

Interviewer asked:

“So you’ve been out with Iron Maiden, worked with Dave Grohl, Guns N’ Roses took you out, Metallica continues to support the band… What did you take from being around those guys?”

Tobias responded:

“A little bit of everything. I mean, most of those bands have in one way or form been mentors from afar.

Even before I was in the studio recording the first demo, I had seen ‘A Year and a Half in Life of Metallica,’ you know that film about making the [1991’s] ‘Black Album’ and then touring the ‘Black Album.’ I’ve seen it 50 times, probably; no, 150 times.

So in my world, in my mind, that was how you record an album, that’s the level. And when you tour an album, that’s 300 shows, easily. And I was looking through like, ‘Live After Death’ with Iron Maiden – looking through all those dates like, ‘This is how you tour America.’

So they, not only music-inspiration-wise or visually, but they also – I think I learned a lot about tour ethics, like, ‘This is the amout of work you need to put in.’

And then, later, getting to know them, becoming colleagues and to some extent, friends – they keep inspiring me, you know, telling stories and advising…

Especially with Iron Maiden. I mean, we work with a lot of same people. With Metallica too, actually, I have the same accountant as Kirk [Hammett]. [Laughs]”

Click here to source of the statement. Watch the “A Year & A Half In The Life Of Metallica” documentary below.