During the recent interview with Daily News, Ghost frontman and leader Tobias Forge spoke about the being rockstar and famous.

He explained why he doesn’t want to be like Bono from U2. He said:

“I am actually quite happy that I am personally not so well-known and that the band is far more known than I am. Even though I’m just as much of an exhibitionist as any other rock person and I love being seen and being positively criticized, I have learned that I’m not as fond of the idea of being famous as I thought I was.

I like that the band is famous and is doing well, but that I am not personally famous as opposed to someone like Bono. Everywhere he goes he will be Bono and he’s expected to be Bono.

If he goes into a restaurant, he’s expected to preferably break into a speech about current world affairs and hopefully pick up the tab for everyone. I am very happy that I’m not expected to be anything like that dude on stage.”

On their recent single track “Dance Macabre”, he said:

“There was something about ‘Dance Macabre’ from its inception that just made me smile. I was definitely missing that before. I thought that ‘Square Hammer’ did well and I like it a lot, but I definitely think ‘Dance Macabre’ — though it’s not very happy and it’s written in a minor key and what’s actually being said in the lyrics is quite horrific and sad — there’s something about it that makes you smile.

It’s almost like ‘Run to the Hills’ (by Iron Maiden) in a way that the song is surprisingly uplifting, but its actual context, if you read the lyrics … it’s a very sad song. There’s an interesting juxtaposition between what you hear and what the actual content is. Though ‘Dance Macabre’ isn’t as specific as ‘Run to the Hills,’ it definitely has that morbid undertone, but it makes everybody happy, myself included. I really like having it in the set now.”

Ghost’s latest album “Prequelle” was released on June 1, 2018. In another interview with 100.5 The KATT radio, Tobias said that new Ghost album might be arrive next year.

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