Ghost frontman Tobias Forge spoke in an interview with Bangers TV, and revealed the biggest differences between rock music and hip-hop.

Here’s the statement:

“One of the differences between rock music, from a growth point of view, and hip-hop is that you get new hip-hop acts coming out two, three years ago, and they’re now, like, the biggest shit on the plane. The curve, the trajectory is closer to what rock was.

Like, look at Maiden. They toured a lot, so I’m not saying that, but their journey from playing their first show in America to headlining Madison Square Garden was just a few years. ‘Powerslave’, that gigantic tour of America, was just three or four years into their career. Whereas nowadays we’re still being sometimes mentioned as, ‘Oh, you’re a new band.’ It’s, like, eight years ago, we had our first record.

I know in the greater scheme of rock and roll, eight years is nothing. We’re still total newbies. But eight years it’s still. In Metallica world, the first record came out in ’83. We’re at the ‘Black Album’ in terms of time. It’s different. Whereas in the past, rock and roll was dictated by teenagers and 20-year-olds.

And I think that that’s an unavoidable thing. And I think that we need to realize that the future of rock might be dictated by people who are not even 20 years [old] at this point. And I think that I still have a few things that I wanna achieve that could be of interest to the rock-loving public. I would love to be part of that in the future. But I can never be the new 20-year-old band.”

On Ghost’s future, he said:

 “I think that we could be one band for the future. There needs to be a myriad. There needs to be several. It will solve itself.

Right now, obviously, the mainstream is dominated by hip-hop, and it wasn’t 10 years ago, and 10 years from now, it won’t be. Everything comes and goes, and there will be a new rock wave.”

Watch entire interview below. Click here to source of the statement. (Blabbermouth)