Famous Swedish rock band, Ghost’s iconic frontman Tobias Forge was the recent interview guest of The Metal Voice and he was asked about the concept of the possible new album.

Here is his statement about it:

“The next album will be more thematically in the same vein as the previous one, [2018’s] ‘Prequelle.’

“But I can definitely see doing a concept like a rock opera in the future. If I ever make a rock opera, it probably won’t be a rock record but more like classical. like the stuff you would hear in a musical, more score.”

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Back in July, Tobias Forge made an interview with Fear Fest Evil and talked about classic horror and sci-fi art with Metallica legend, Kirk Hammett.

Tobias also named the favorite movie of his all-time and praised Jack Nicholson’s iconic movie, The Shining.

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