The well-known leader of the Swedish rock band, Ghost, Tobias Forge was the recent interview guest of Rolling Stone Germany.

As you will read his statements below, Tobias paid his tribute to Metallica by calling them the pinnacle of Metal.

Here is what Tobias said, transcribed by Ultimate-Guitar.

“We usually tour six weeks straight with five-six shows every week, and two-hour shows, which means that it’s a lot of work, you need a lot of time.

In between shows, I usually stay very still, whereas on this tour, we play one hour every second or every third night, so you have a lot of time just to spend in cities. I go home as well.”

He continued:

“They have been crucial, absolutely, they have been extremely important. I listened to a lot of different music, and I’ve been listening to a lot of things even before I started listening to Metallica, but as far as nurturing the dream of wanting to be, like, a big metal artist, I’d say that they have been like the…

I mean, obviously, they are the pinnacle of metal. Ever since I got to be a real fan of them – I guess I knew who they were before, my brother was a big fan of them, so I knew beforehand who they were and knew songs here and there – but basically when the ‘Black Album’ came out [in 1991], that was the first record that I got, that I bought when it came.”

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