Swedish singer, musician and Ghost frontman Tobias Forge made a new interview with Fear Fest Evil and talked about classic horror and sci-fi art with Metallica legend, Kirk Hammett.

Tobias also named the favorite movie of his all time and praised Jack Nicholson’s iconic movie, The Shining.

Here is what he said:

“Fast forward to the ‘80s, and especially in the ‘90s and the 2000s.  I think a lot of contemporary filmmakers who grew up in the VHS digital violence era, such as myself, caused the genre in its totality to maybe suffer from being too much of a homage.

All the time there’s weird, eclectic little references, and then you sort of outsmart yourself and the whole project by just making it too true to the genre in a way.

Whereas I think a lot of the groundbreaking films were made by people who didn’t necessarily do a whole lot of horror films, but were filmmakers in general.  Stanley Kubrick is the classic example of that with The Shining.”

You can watch his latest interview below.

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