The iconic frontman of Ghost, Tobias Forge was the recent interview guest of Mitch Lafon of Rock Talk and revealed interesting news about his possible new solo album.

Tobias Forge also said that his writing style is similar to Queen, rather than AC/DC.

Here is his statement:

“As of right now, I don’t have a professional inclination to do anything that would feel dramatically different from Ghost.

It feels like, having broadened the palette, and having been able to push in songs that, before they existed, I was a little bit on the fence about – ‘He Is,’ for example; even the first part of ‘Ghuleh’ was a song that I wasn’t sure this was gonna work.”

He continued:

“But as it did, that also allowed for a lot of leverage and a lot of clearance and a lot of basement to utilize in the real estate that you keep excavating and exploring.

And having noticed that I can sort of get away with writing ‘Life Eternal’ and songs like that, it feels like, well, if I can do that with Ghost, and I can also write ‘Mummy Dust’ and I can write that and the other, it feels like I don’t have to go someplace else.”

Some musicians do that – some musicians do it masterfully and just completely do something different with another band.

I regard my writing and my form of expressing myself a little bit more similar to Queen, I guess, rather than AC/DC, in a way. And I like that – I like the idea of hopefully being a 50-year-old or a 60-year-old and eventually a 70-year-old, maybe older, having a very wide repertoire of various songs. I prefer that – I think.”

You can watch the interview below.

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