The well-known frontman of Ghost, Tobias Forge was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone Germany and cleared the air about his relationship with radical Christians.

As you might read the response of Tobias, he indicated that they don’t have any substantial problems with radical Christians him being Papa Emeritus on stage.

Rolling Stone Germany asked:

“Did you ever get in trouble, being Papa Emeritus, did you ever have any problems with radical Christians?”

Tobias Forge responded:

“Nothing substantial, no. I think that just because – the project, the band has never had, like, an outspoken negative agenda. We never told anyone to commit crimes.”

Rolling Stone Germany asked this:

“Ghost shows the style of occult worship, all this very playful humor that you have on stage could be getting totally misunderstood by extreme Christians…”

He responded with giving an example of Marilyn Manson:

“I am open to the idea that as the band grows and to whatever extent become bigger, I’m sure that there will be more focus on those things. Because there’s a reason for Deicide getting negative press – positive press if you will – or Judas Priest in the ’80s, or Ozzy Osbourne… because they were huge.

That was why Angel Witch never got any negative press like that or Necrophagia – because they were virtually unknown. So usually it doesn’t correlate with the amount of effort you put into your image, it’s basically if you have a heavy metal image with everything that comes with it and you become big enough, people will oppose.

Marilyn Manson, of course, is a very good example, and as we go bigger, we attract more people from both sides. Of course, we sort of pick up people that are on the outskirts and the interim of society for a positive thing, because they see a connection with our band and they like to become part of that.”

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