Speaking in a recent interview with KLAQ, Ghost frontman Tobias Forge explained his thoughts on arena shows. He revealed the beauties and advantages of arena shows.

Here’s the statement:

They will grow bigger and bigger. And a lot of the things that we are doing, or not doing, is definitely dictated by monetary means — of course; absolutely. And that is also why I am constantly working towards coming to a point where we could basically guarantee any audience that we will put on the same show anywhere. Which is another way to say that I’m really working hard for us to play arenas everywhere.

Because when you’re an arena band, unless it’s your last arena tour and you’re just about to be demoted, usually a show like that will enable you to have a stage, it gives you the size, and it usually also provides some monetary means to give you the funds to do a lot more. And one thing that we cannot do in most of these theaters and that’s why we’re not doing it on a regular, every-night basis is pyro. Which is something that really annoys the shit out of me, because I really love doing pyro.

It really works, it’s really good for the vibe, and we can’t do that in most theaters. So for us to have a pyro crew of two people with big boxes of bombs with us on tour, that would be a waste of money. But on the arena shows, we’re flying them in. And I want people everywhere to feel that they’re not getting shortchanged. But it’s just the nature of the beast — you can’t do it everywhere.

But step by step, slowly, slowly, we are taking steps… And the theater shows now are really, really big — the production that we’re bringing is really huge… That’s the beauty of arenas — you have the space, and you can rig everything and you can blow stuff up; big concrete floor. It’s usually not as charming as an old theater, but the show will be better.”

Ghost’s latest album “Prequelle” was released on June 1, 2018. In another interview with 100.5 The KATT radio, Tobias said that new Ghost album might be arrive next year.

You can watch the entire interview from below.