One of the Nameless Ghouls from Ghost was interviewed by the “The Salk Late Tribune”. He talked about their Satanic image.

SLT asked to Nameless Ghoul “Part of Ghost’s backstory is that you’re a group of Satan worshipers; obviously, many of your songs have a Satanic theme to them, so to what extent is that a legitimate worldview, and to what extent is it just effective marketing?”. He replied:

“-laughs- So there’s no middle ground?! … I think that a lot of the things that we do and a lot of the things that we say and a lot of the things that we illustrate a certain way is not to be taken too literal. It’s more symbolic and more for entertainment purposes, in order to further enhance the message where it doesn’t necessarily deal with the idea of criticizing God or anything like that; it’s more of a critique against mankind and how mankind is using — to a certain degree — fables in order to be mean to each other and to trick each other.”

Click here for read the whole interview. Ghost released a new EP called “Popestar” out. You can listen the new single “Square Hammer” below.