During a recent interview with ‘Loudwire,’ Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge finally broke his silence about the speculation that Foo Fighter frontman Dave Grohl secretly joined the band.

As we all know, Dave Grohl produced and played drums and guitar on Ghost’s 2013 album, ‘If You Have Ghost.’ Tobias Forge explained that the members of the Foo Fighters were very supportive of them but it’s nothing more than that.

Here’s what Tobias Forge stated:

“Beyond the actual recording that he did with us and serving as an inspiration, not much more than that.

Of course, Foo Fighters have been very supportive fans and took us out on the road, but nothing more than that. He’s not been sort of involved in other records; if that is what people are thinking.”

Tobias Forge also discussed the band’s current state and mentioned some of the growing pains since 2006.

He said:

“One is the physical aspect, the vanity aspect of it, which is, on one hand, an asset and a nice thing because you don’t have to worry too much about your looks – your personal looks – the same way that most other artists have to deal with age and whatever problems you might have with your own visage.

That was a good thing, but it was also a weird thing because you have to get accustomed to seeing a new face every now and then, which is also kind of weird.

It’s kind of like if you got a completely different haircut, it also takes time to, ‘Is this really me?’. If you get a crew-cut and dye it blonde, you would feel strange, I guess.”

You can watch the full interview below.

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