Tobias Forge of Ghost had a new interview with Talking Metal Podcast and revealed exciting details about the band’s upcoming album.

Tobias Forge stated that he has maybe 50 to 60 ideas lying around for the new album and he has been very adamant about folding quite a lot of time into pre-production.

Here is what he said:

“Essentially, at this point right now I only have one song that I’ve demoed, that you can listen to from start to finish because I’ve been touring so much that I just went into the studio this summer, just to get my rocks off a little, to record something so that I feel that I’ve started. That song was based off three ideas that I had and that’s what it usually takes for me to be able to go into a studio and start hammering it out.

I have, I don’t know, maybe 50 to 60 ideas lying around, which means if I invest just 2 or 3 days on piling together 3 ideas at a time. It’s almost mathematical. If you can take that and split it into 3s and there you have it, that’s all I can basically get out of that. As soon as I start working on material; It usually goes pretty fast. However, this time, I’ve been very adamant about folding quite a lot of time into pre-production.”

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