The well-known frontman of the Swedish band, Tobias Forge and Lacuna Coil star Cristina Scabbia were the recent interview guest of the Heavy1 TV’s official YouTube channel.

As you might check out the statements of Tobias Forge below, he stated that Slayer star Tom Araya looks like Santa Claus and made fun of him.

Heavy1 TV asked this:

“Which rock musician would make a cool Santa Claus?”

Tobias Forge responded:

“Just based on looks, I think that Billy Gibbons [ZZ TOP] would probably be a good Santa. Nowadays, there are a lot of aged — and I say aged nicely; that is meant as a compliment — aged musicians who [do] have kind of a Santa aura.

So there are some to choose from, I think. For a good while there, Tom Araya from Slayer had a little bit of a Santa thing going, and I think that he would be a very pleasant, very calm, subdued [laughs] Santa.

So, yeah, if I had to choose… Billy Gibbons, Tom Araya… Leif Edling from Candlemass has a nice, gray beard nowadays; he would make a good Santa. He would probably do lots of good rhymes as well, I think. He’s good on rhymes. So, that’s a few to choose from.”

You can watch the entire interview below.

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