In a recent Louder Sound interview, Ghost’s Tobias Forge talked about Misfits, saying he would erase them from history if it were up to him. He stated they were great but would change a few things that could have been better.

Since its formation in 2006, Ghost has made quite an impact on visually unique performances. All the band members hide behind different face masks, except lead singer Tobias Forge. Forge used to hide behind Papa Emeritus’ persona but eventually revealed his identity after many theories.

One of the main reasons they stand out in their genre is that the other group members remain anonymous. They are known as the ‘Nameless Ghouls.’ Although they have changed several times, no one has caught their identity as they hide behind masks.

When he was recently asked about his opinion on getting rid of a band in history, Tobias Forge initially found it challenging but later chose the Misfits. The rocker added that there was no shade or disrespect to the group; instead, he thought they were great. Forge stated that the only thing he would change would be how their management portrayed them so they could have had a better career in the long run.

Tobias Forge’s words about the band he would wipe out from history:

“If I had to wipe them out? Oh, that’s a hard one. It’s an easy question, but the answer is hard; I have to be pragmatic. I’m a humongous fan of all three bands. The one band I’d choose to wipe out, and that’s not a diss; what they did was so great, is Misfits.

My control freakishness and managerial inclinations would love to go back in time and correct a few things they did wrong. Not aesthetically, but business-wise. I would have wished for them to have a better career. I’d love to go back and curate their career because the career of Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig’put together would have been marvelous.”

Ghost recently headlined at ‘Hellfest,’ but Tobias Forge had to cut the setlist short after 17 songs because he lost his voice. Since he mainly receives praise for his vocals, this unusual halt at their concert was surprising to the band’s fans.