Swedish singer and primary songwriter of Ghost, Tobias Forge, was recently interviewed by Metal Hammer’s Dave Everley and talked about lots of things varying from the early days of the crew and his occupation before becoming a successful musician.

You may already know that Ghost is one of the most popular masked bands of the post-Slipknot era. According to the frontman Tobias Forge, he had so many difficult times to reach that point in their career.

However, Ghost had been silent for four years after being founded in 2006. In 2020, the Swedish band totally blew following the release of their debut full-length album named ‘Opus Eponymous.’ Furthermore, the first single of the album titled ‘Ritual’ has been chosen as one of The 50 Most Evil Songs Ever by Kerrang.

During the recent interview he joined, Forge mentioned that he has been a huge fan of Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash and The Rolling Stones icon Keith Richards. Yet, he admitted that between the time he was 19 and 29 years old, he was a very unsuccessful musician. Tobias revealed he was in such desperation back in 2009 that he had to work in a call center for a Swedish phone company for a while.

Let’s check out what Tobias Forge said:

“At that point in 2009, I was at a point of desperation. I was one year into parenthood, facing the fact that, ‘Fuck, we need more money.’ So I decided to do something.

I never had any ambition to do anything else than become a musician. Between 19 and 29, I was a very unsuccessful musician…

I was always a big fan of Slash and Keith Richards. I wanted to be the cool guitar player rather than the singer.”

Here is what he said about working as a call center employee:

“It’s so ludicrous because I know nothing about telephones or computers. I just mastered the art of bullshitting. I was sitting there just wishing for another life.

Towards the end of 2009, I felt I needed to take the little time I had and focus all of it on one thing. And Ghost was the best thing I’d ever done.”

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