The well-known frontman of Tobias Forge had a new and exclusive interview with Ultimate-Guitar and revealed his first inspiration which leads him to learn how to play the guitar.

As praising Pink Floyd and KISS, the Ghost icon revealed that the first record he got was Pier at the Gates of Dawn.

Here is what he said:

“I’ve listened to music since I was first born and as long as I can remember and a lot of it was guitar music. I know that some records I listened to a lot when I get my first guitar [a black Fernandes Strat copy] that I sort of fiddled around with were KISS Alive and the first two Pink Floyd records, actually.

We had Pink Floyd records in our home but the first record that I got was a nice pair which was Piper at the Gates of Dawn and Saucerful of Secrets – it was two records in one. I’ve always played guitar to records or to radio or to TV. So I just end up playing over it.

That’s why I’ve never really been bound by tabs because I never wanted to play exactly what I heard, I wanted to step into the music as if I was playing guitar in the band.”

He continued:

“So if there was a solo, I would play my own solo, but you do have to learn to play the riff, so you have to pick that out. But I think that the combo of KISS and Pink Floyd, even though listen to a lot of other music, that might give you an idea of [how I write songs]. As long as I’ve been in bands I’ve been told that my writing is weird for some reason.

To me, it’s completely logical but I’m told there’s some weird timing, and chord changes and stuff and I can definitely attribute that to learning to play from Pink Floyd. Because that gave me that sort of psychedelic vibe that was especially featured on Piper at the Gates of Dawn. Then, later on, I started playing along to Slayer records, and Morbid Angel, and Metallica, of course.”

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