Speaking to Loudwire, Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge has shared his thoughts about their upcoming album.

He talked about when fans can expect a new album from them and said:

“Definitely 2020 as opposed to 2019. From our perspective, at least, 2019 is already over. That year is already done.

That doesn’t limit me from writing or starting the steps, but when it comes to like, having a consecutive three-month studio time, there is no such time in 2019.

So that will happen, probably, in spring 2020. Then you have to add like three months of waiting between recording and releasing. So, yeah, you see where I’m going.”

Back in November, he spoke in an interview with Ultimate-Guitar and revealed what fans should expect from new album. He said:

“I bulk up a lot of ideas — little segments and some stuff are real songs from start to finish and some are just parts and this is the verse and this is the chorus. Then by the time we’re done touring, that’s when I like to go with the producer and start going through it all and make sure we have an album’s worth of material…

That’s the thing that takes time. The actual tracking of the record might be two months, maybe, but the writing and the rewriting and the pondering, that’s what takes two to three months. That’s when you write, write, write, write, rewrite, rewrite, kill that song, re-record it again in a different tempo. Change that. Take the chorus from that song and move it over there.”

You can watcht Loudwire’s interview from below. Click here to source of the statement.