In a recent interview with Louder Sound, Ghost frontman Tobias Forge compared his vocal and instrumental skills. According to him, he’s more of a musician than a singer.

Ghost has always been referred to as a mysterious group for their different personas and face masks. Since their formation in 2006, they have caught the attention of many metalheads with their original props, stage presence, and theatrical performances.

The band members hid their identities behind their faces and were named ‘Nameless Ghouls.’ Tobias Forge was the first name who gave his identity and revealed his name and face. He was followed by other live performers who revealed their identities with an unmasked photo posted by their official tour photographer on social media.

During a new interview, Tobias Forge stated that he would have preferred to play guitar throughout his career. However, his vocal duties have gotten in the way of his wish. He added that he considered himself a better musician than a singer. Yet, the singer also claimed that he showed up as a good singer in Ghost.

Tobias Forge’s words about his voice are as follows:

“I mourn the fact I get to play the guitar so little over the course of my life because I love playing, and I think I am a better musician than I am a singer. I just happen to be a good singer in Ghost.”

More recently, Ghost headlined at the French festival ‘Hellfest.’ Although the show started on a high note, Tobias Forge lost his voice and had to stop singing after 17 songs on the setlist. This unusual stance in the concert surprised the band’s fans, as Forge has been praised for his vocals for many years.