Ghost frontman Tobias Forge joined a new interview with Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and reflected on the songwriting process of the band’s upcoming album. The singer said that his greatest aim during this process is to avoid repeating himself.

Ghost’s upcoming fifth studio album, ‘Impera,’ is set to be released on March 11, 2022. The band entered the studio in January 2020 to begin working on their new album, and their initial plan was to release it by late summer that year. However, they decided to wait until after the U.S. presidential election to release the album as it would attract great public attention.

The release of the album was also interrupted by the pandemic later on. The first single from the album, ‘Hunter’s Moon,‘ dropped on September 30, 2021, and the second one, ‘Call Me Little Sunshine,’ was released on January 20, 2022. During the interview, Tobias Forge, as the band’s primary songwriter, was asked about the songwriting process of the album.

The frontman revealed that the only problem he has while creating new material is struggling not to repeat himself. He always intends to produce new songs different from what he wrote before and pays attention to having more varied lyrics and rhymes every time. That’s probably the hardest part for him during the songwriting process as it is inevitable to run out of new ideas after a while.

Tobias Forge speaking on the challenges he faces during the songwriting process:

“When you’re writing, you just wanna make a really good record, drenched in as many hooks as you can possibly muster. The only problem with trying to create records for me, besides ability, is trying not to repeat myself. I always try to write songs that I have never written before.

I always try to add songs to our repertoire that we don’t have already and, lyrically, I also try to not use the rhymes that were done in the past. That’s probably the hardest because you sort of run out of rhymes and words and phrases and, thus, you need to really sharpen up. Sometimes it comes out really good, and sometimes I can look back on lyrics and I’m like ‘yecch.'”

The band will also embark on an extensive European tour in April 2022 in support of the upcoming album. They kick off on April 9 in Manchester, U.K., and conclude on May 18 in Budapest, Hungary. The tour will also be the band’s biggest U.K. and European tour.