Ghost’s iconic frontman, Tobias Forge had a new interview Loudwire Nights and talked about the latest issues Metallica had with their representative Tony DiCoiccio being accused by selling all the tickets directly without giving any chances to fans to buy it.

Tobias admitted that ‘it’s a problem’ and it can affect the fans in a very bad way. Here is the conversation, transcribed by Ultimate Guitar.

Loudwire Nights:

“Is there any way thousands of tickets to a Ghost show could go directly to a reseller and it would never even make it onto your radar?”

Tobias Forge:

“Probably. I have no idea. I’ve understood that the world of ticketing is one of science, and this science is practiced by many peddlers outside of our reach, which is a problem.

It’s a problem because it tempers with the relationship between the artists and the fans because unfortunately, it can affect a fan very negatively.

But also the thoughts and the impression from the fans thinking that it’s the work of the artist, and as far as I know, I’ve never known of an artist that did so intentionally. It’s usually some other service that did it.

Over the years of online sales, there have been many controversies of this sort – and I’m also speaking as a citizen of Sweden, so I’m assuming that we have these issues in every country – but just in Sweden, there was, like, a lot of alternative sort of websites.

Before the official tickets were restricted down to three or four per purchase, you had these pages that bought thousands of tickets. I remember, like, 15-20 years ago, it was insane. You could go to a show that was sold out and still, there was, like, 70% there.”

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