In a recent interview with Overdrive from Ireland, Steel Panther guitarist Satchel talked about current state of our society and problems of the age we’re now living in.

Here’s the statement:

“People are way too sensitive now. We live in an age of social media and people react to things so quickly before they do any research. They just see shit and they react, and that’s exactly what happened with that girl.

I can’t remember her name right now. I think the band was called BRAIDS or something like that… Anyway, she saw the foot pedal and it was her first reaction which was, ‘This shouldn’t be here and let’s make it go away.’ She didn’t know what we were about at all.

He continued:

“That’s part of the problem of the age we’re now living in. People should take the time to look a little deeper into things before they start kicking up a storm. Perhaps if people take a moment to try to understand things then they might find the humor in life and learn to laugh off certain situations.”

Drummer Stix Zadinia added:

“The irony about this whole situation is, had she just seen it and said, ‘That’s not for me,’ this whole thing would have gone away, started and stopped right away. Honestly, that pedal had been already out for a full year and when she started getting all pissed about it, she brought so much attention to it and, in turn, created the best-ever marketing campaign anyone could have hoped for.

Her actions created a situation that was more than a guitar pedal. People began to react to her by saying, ‘Hey, just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean I don’t like it.’ It just turned into this huge thing and I’m just so grateful that she handled it the way she handled it because it really shone a light about this über-sensitive generation of people that are constantly being offended by just about everything these days.”

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