Danzig mastermind Glenn Danzig spoke in an interview with OC Weekly and revealed his thoughts about current political situation of United States of America. He said:

“All I will say is that I just think that it’s ridiculous with this farce in our government. It’s a fucked-up situation in politics. But the media won’t show or tell us who really owns and runs the world, the real hidden hand of those in power.

They have all the control and what you see, read or hear, and the politicians, they are all just puppets. It’s all bought and paid and it’s all about control. I think people need to wake up, turn off the TV, and think for themselves and not be mindless robots.

Don’t accept something just on its face value, don’t let the system enslave your mind and don’t give up any of your rights.”

Interview said “why do you love helloween”, Danzig responded:

“It’s just always been this way I just love the season, this part of the year has always been my favorite and I love the holiday. Plus, this time of the year for me  has always been time for my bands to play shows.

I am really looking forward to the line up of different bands, in Irvine on November 3, from black metal to punk, I am proud of this one it’s going to go off, we can’t wait to play Irvine again.”

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