Glenn Danzig is many things aside from being a successful heavy metal singer. He is also a songwriter, musician, film director, and record producer who founded Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig. With his skills, Danzig has written songs for legendary singers such as Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison.

He has often been compared to Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison in terms of his tenor vocal range. After releasing songs with Samhain, he attracted attention and was recommended to a record label by Metallica’s late bassist Cliff Burton in 1986. Danzig later became friends with James Hetfield, who increased his fame significantly.

Glenn Danzig Net Worth $6.5 Million

Glenn had released eight albums with Misfits in the ’70s, but they disbanded not long after their formation in 1977. Danzig later formed Samhain in 1983, and the band released six albums. Following that, he changed the band’s name to Danzig and released nine more albums. Aside from his effort within a band, he also released two solo studio albums. The first, named ‘Black Aria,’ dropped in 1992, and the second called ‘Black Aria II,’ came out in 2006.

It is interesting to see the musician’s worth this low considering the fact that he has written great songs such as ‘Thirteen’ for Johnny Cash, featured in his album ‘American Recordings,’ which was the beginning of Cash’s re-emergence to the music world after an unsuccessful start.

He has also proved himself in managing and directing his bands’ music videos. Even though he has been in control of what goes out there since the beginning of his career, Danzig’s Net Worth has remained $6.5 million.